Things to do when you’ve got time!

Things to do over the summer…

Here are some projects, techniques and tools that should keep you occupied!

Sight Read!

  • Songs, etudes, solos

Play in public:

  • Nursing homes

  • Homes for the aged

  • Churches

  • Summer camps and festivals

  • Street corners – parks – Malls

Make a video!

  • Record and edit a video and post it to YouTube or Social Media

Play duets: 

  • with other trombonists as well as non-trombonists

  • with recordings

  • with yourself on tape – in unison, octaves, or separate parts

Play with recordings:

  • Tune-up CD

  • Excerpt CD – single instrument or whole orchestra

  • Trombone solo recordings

  • Other instrument recordings

Play Bach chorales, duets, trios, hymns, excerpts by yourself! On the trombone!

  • Arpeggiate down through the parts – balancing to the melody

  • Arpeggiate up through the parts – balancing to the bass

  • Record the melody and play the bass, etc.

Buzzing with…

  • piano

  • with music input into Finale or some other music editing software.

  • with Band in a Box

  • with Drones

  • with fixed pitch recorded by you

  • with music recorded by you

Play any music up the octave

  • down the octave

  • in tenor clef and alto clef – also up and down octaves

Transcribe anything and learn to play along with the recording

  • Pop

  • Classical

  • Trombone or anything else 

Use Band in the Box or similar software/app 

  • As a rhythm machine, i.e., nothing but drums

  • Drums and bass

  • Drums and full rhythm section Improvise rhythms on one pitch

  • Improvise scale patterns with only drums

  • Improvise scale patterns with full accompaniment

  • Change styles and tempos for all of the above

  • Do all of these things singing, buzzing and whistling

Play a phrase 5 times with a differing character each time

  • Record and listen for your degree of success

  • Do all of this in your head without even playing to get ideas

  • Have someone suggest characterizations and try to satisfy them

Input music into Finale or other apps

  • Make arrangements

  • Compose a piece

  • Compose exercises

  • Input rhythmic etudes and solos and play along

  • Transpose music to try it in different keys and ranges

Conduct through your music

  • and click your fingers

  • Sing along

  • Buzz along

  • Do it with a drum machine

  • Do it with a metronome

Generate improvised solos on Band in a Box

  • Play it on the computer and play along

  • Edit them to make them more idiomatic for you and/or the trombone

  • Edit them to gain better understanding of style

Cross Train

  • Practice euphonium, alto and bass trombone

Explore online in search of new ideas

  • Question your own ideas!

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