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Things to do over the summer…
Here are some projects, techniques and tools that should keep you occupied!
Sight Read!
Play in public 
	Nursing homes
	Homes for the aged
	Summer camps and festivals
	Street corners + parks
Make a CD!
	Record and edit a CD
Play duets
	With other trombonists as well as non-trombonists
	With CDs
	With yourself on tape - in unison, octaves, or separate parts
Play with CDs
	Tune-up CD
	Excerpt CD - single instrument or whole orchestra
	Trombone solo recordings
	Other instrument recordings
Play Bach chorales, duets, trios, hymns, excerpts by yourself 
	Arpeggiate down through the parts - balancing to the melody
	Arpeggiate up through the parts - balancing to the bass
	Record the melody and play the bass, etc.
	With piano
	With music input into Finale
	With Band in a Box
	With Tune-up cd or tuner
	With fixed pitch recorded by you
	With music recorded by you
Play any music up the octave, down the octave, in tenor clef and alto clef - also up and down octaves
Transcribe anything and learn to play along with the recording
Band in the Box
	As a rhythm machine, i.e., nothing but drums
	Drums and bass
	Drums and full rhythm section
	Improvise rhythms on one pitch
	Improvise scale patterns with only drums
	Improvise scale patterns with full accompaniment
	Change styles and tempos for all of the above
	Do all of these things singing, buzzing and whistling
Play a phrase 5 times with a differing character each time
	Record and listen for your degree of success
	Do all of this in your head without even playing to get ideas
	Have someone suggest characterizations and try to satisfy them
Input music into Finale
	Make arrangements
	Compose a piece
	Compose exercises
	Input rhythmic etudes and solos and play along
	Transpose music to try it in different keys and ranges
Conduct through your music and click your fingers
	Sing along
	Buzz along
	Do it with Band in a Box
	Do it with a metronome
Generate solos and melodies on Band in a Box
	Play it on the computer and play along 
	Edit them to make them more idiomatic for the trombone
	Edit them to gain better understanding of style 
Practice euphonium, alto and bass trombone
Explore websites online to get new ideas

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