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Recordings available via Firebird Editions
Proteus 7:
Dorian			For Your Ears Only
			The Cha - Cha Lounge
			A Bernstein Tribute
			Dracula's Seduction
Four of a Kind Trombone Quartet:		
Summit Brass:		Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Four of a Kind2)					
			(J. Alessi, B. Bollinger, S. Hartman, M. Lawrence)	
			Four of A Kind 
			(J. Alessi, B. Bollinger, S. Hartman, M. Lawrence)
Empire Brass:
Angel/EMI: 		Joy to the World 
			A Bach Festival
CBS/Sony:		Empire Brass in Japan 
Telarc: 			Music of Gabrielli
			Empire Brass on Broadway
			Class Brass
			Empire Brass Christmas
			Romantic Brass					 					
			Mozart for Brass
			Empire Brass 
			Music for Organ, Brass and Percussion
			Braggin' in Brass 
			Class Brass/On the Edge
			Royal Brass 
Millennium Brass Quintet:
Walking Frog		Millennium Brass
Sony/Japan		Trumpet/Trombone Duo (with Yutaka Tobe)
			The Festive Cornet (with Frank Tamburro)
Kleos			Paul Hindemith  The 5 Sonatas for Brass
Summit			Triumphs (University of Georgia Bands) 
			Arrows of Time

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